Takako Kitahara video

Takako Kitahara retired

This is the last video of Takako Kitahara. Yes, Takako Kitahara gets retired. That’s a really bad news for all of her fans. We will miss her for sure, good luck in the future, Takako Kitahara! OK, get back to the video. At the beginning of the video, Takako Kitahara is fucked by a guy [...]

Takako Kitahara – Office Girl

Takako Kitahara plays a office girls role in this video. She loves to masturbate when she feel stressed. Her boss love her big tits and fuck her in the office. One interesting scene in this video is, Takako Kitahara having sex with a guy on the fitness ball. That’s the first time I see making [...]

Takakako Kitahara – SM play

People knows Takakako Kitahara has been retired. But why I still post her video? Becasue a lot of her videos are worth to watch. So I will try my best to share more videos of her. Hopefully, she will back to the AV industry some day later . In this video, Takakako Kitahara is doing [...]

Takako Kitahara extreme – 鬼畜 北原多香子

If you know Japanese, when you see the word “鬼畜”, you will know it’s kind of extreme video. This video is talking about how Takako Kitahara ignore by her husband, then some wild man come up to her house and get her fuck. There is a section that worth to watch. The actor already fucked [...]